Competition rules

  1. Children under the age of 14 must wear head protectors, inguinal protectors, gloves and shin protectors.

  2. Cadets (under 16) and Juniors (under 18) must wear head, inguinal and shin protectors, while girls must wear chest protectors as well.

  3. Senior males must wear inguinal protectors while females must wear chest protectors (plates are accepted only when both fighters are wearing them). In the 1st round, bandaging of the fists or legs is not permitted, and starting with the 2nd round the doctor’s advice is considered.

Every participating club in the kumite category will bring proof of having performed the medical visit  to the technical meeting by forwarding to the organizing committee of the competition medical documents which mention the fighter is “able for full contact karate competitions”.

Fighters under 18 of age must present a written permission from one of the parents and from his/her instructor to participate in the competition.

All fighters must present an official document through which they must prove their age (a birth certificate/identity card).

Senior fighters (over 18) must have a sports medical insurance for the duration of the competition. For the kata, as well as for the kumite categories, the arbitration will be done with flags.


MENŢIUNE: La fiecare eveniment fie cupă locală, campionat  regional/naţional/internaţional/ european se vor ataşa la secţiunea Documente,  fişele care trebuie completate de sportivi, părinţi, instructori. 

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