To start 2019 in an efficient manner, little karate-ka have tested their aptitudes and corrected any mistakes in their technique in the first WAKU Romania event. They made use of their kumite knowledge, of course, while learning new movements and techniques useful in the competition. The seminary was leaded by sensei Tudor Mihail Valentin 3 DAN, along side his instructors, Tudor Roxana, Musca Dennis and Ciuraru Mihaela. The event took place without any major incidents, the only issues being the loss of motivation from some students, however sensei empowered them with the necessary motivation and willingness to continue, making them overcome their limits. Congratulations to everyone and wish you the best of luck in the new year, both professionally and personally. Many thanks to the parents for their effort, to the children for that they represent the future of local kyokushin and at last to sensei and his instructors for their patience and guidance offered to their students. Osu!

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