International Seminar and Belt Exam, 2nd Edition, Galati, Romania, 2018

Between 1-3 August 2018, at Poiana Pinului, Buzau, the International Seminar and Exam was organized by Sensei Tudor Mihail Valentin, the president of WAKU Romania Organization and it was held with the help of our special guests: Hanshi H. Suleiman, Shihan Mohammed Murad, Sensei Habib Ali and Sensei Yogesh Arora. The young karate-ka showed HanshiContinuă lectura „International Seminar and Belt Exam, 2nd Edition, Galati, Romania, 2018”

Hachiman Fighting Championship, 28 october 2018

On 28.10.2018 we had the utmost pleasure to participate in Hachiman Fighting Championship, a tournament which was organized in Bucharest by Sensei Ionel Stancu, the representant of Hachiman Dojo. As for the distinctions, we have a number of 33 medals of this very hard tournament, the competitors were very prepared and the organizers and judgesContinuă lectura „Hachiman Fighting Championship, 28 october 2018”

Romanian International Cup. Sibiu, 29 september 2018

We return victorios, with much emotion and optimism, from the international competition „Romanian International Cup” which took place in Sibiu on 29.09.2018. Thus we present you the results obtained by the little karate-ka. Necula Daria – 1st PLACE locul 1 – kumite 11-12 ani categ -45 kg Bulgaru Razvan – 3rd PLACE kumite 13-14 aniContinuă lectura „Romanian International Cup. Sibiu, 29 september 2018”