International Seminar and Belt Exam, 2nd Edition, Galati, Romania, 2018

Between 1-3 August 2018, at Poiana Pinului, Buzau, the International Seminar and Exam was organized by Sensei Tudor Mihail Valentin, the president of WAKU Romania Organization and it was held with the help of our special guests: Hanshi H. Suleiman, Shihan Mohammed Murad, Sensei Habib Ali and Sensei Yogesh Arora. The young karate-ka showed Hanshi and Sensei that they are determined to learn new techniques. Their enthusiam allowed them to overcome all their fears and be the best version of themselves.
In Galati, Sensei Tudor Mihail Valentin took part at first International Referee Seminar where he was awarded, along with the instructors of WAKU Romania, with the title of International Kyokushin Referee.
We thank all our guests for their experience that they have bestowed up on us. OSU!

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